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TF2 Demoman (Tavish Finnegan DeGroot) by Xaolin26
TF2 Demoman (Tavish Finnegan DeGroot)
According to a friend of mine, this month is Demoman appreciation month for the Team Fortress 2 community.  Soooo, I figured I may as well try my hand at drawing Demoman.  He’s an underappreciated character, and I’ve always liked drawing characters that need more attention.  

This is my first time drawing him, and…..eeeh, I dunno.  I feel like I messed up on something.  

If you don’t know who the Demoman is, here’s his official Wiki page>…
And an introductory film for him>…

Team Fortress 2 @ Valve
Artwork @ me!
United We Stand by Xaolin26
United We Stand
I’m pretty sure everyone has already heard about what’s happened in France recently.  And for me, this is the best way I can show my support.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.  France was there to support us during 9/11, and now it’s our turn.  Let’s stand strong in the face of fear together.  

And I sincerely hope that any of you who live in France are safe.  If you feel scared and alone, just know that we are praying for you.  


Sorry for deviating a little from what I normally upload.  Usually I try my best not to talk about touchy subjects, but I feel like this is too important not to talk about.  

What happened recently really hit home for me.  I still remember the events of 9/11 quite vividly.  I didn’t know anyone personally who was effected by the tragedy, but just the sheer impact it had on the whole world devastated me.  There was even this one time me and my 8th grade class visited New York, and Ground Zero still had rubble near the areas where the Twin Towers previously stood.  Also, I was only about 7 at the time 9/11 happened, and I felt like I couldn’t do too much to help.  Now that I’m older I know I can at least do more to show my support for the folks in France.

Antoine D’coolette @ Sonic Archie comics
Sonic @ SEGA
Artwork @ me!
My heart goes out to those affected in by the terrorist attacks in France. Let's keep them in our prayers.
My Ideas for the 5 Piece Portfolio Challenge by Xaolin26
My Ideas for the 5 Piece Portfolio Challenge
I did want to try and upload a sketch today, but I don’t quite have one ready.  Sooooo, instead, I present to you a list of possible projects/pieces I’m aiming to do for the 5 Piece Portfolio Challenge.

Some of you remember me bringing up this challenge idea in a previous deviation>…
For those of you who don’t know, I’ll leave a summary of it here:

The main purpose of the 5 Piece Portfolio Challenge is to help artists improve their skills and add quality projects to their portfolio.  As the title suggests, there are 5 pieces made throughout this whole challenge.

The artist is in complete control of what they want to make.  They can make the 5 pieces revolve around one thing, be linked together through a story, be something that increases one specific skill, or create random pieces not linked to each other.  However, the artist must include something in each piece to overcome.  So each piece becomes more challenging to create:

Piece 1 – easy (not difficult)
Piece 2 – less easy (little difficult)
Piece 3 – in between easy and hard (medium difficulty)
Piece 4 – pretty challenging (hard difficulty)
Piece 5 – ultimately challenging (hardest difficulty)

This challenge is not limited to just illustration.  It can be applied to all forms of art ranging from sculpting, writing, composing, designing, singing, basically whatever the artist wants to do. This challenge also has no deadline.  The deadline for each piece is entirely up to the artist.  Ultimately the deadline will depend on time used for research, time used for gathering materials, available time to create each piece, and creation time of each piece.  As long as each piece pushes the artist to do better and the artist has fun while they’re at it, they should be left with 5 quality pieces and a higher skill level.  


The pieces listed in this deviation are projects I definitely have a desire to start, though I probably won’t get around to doing any of those for a few years.  This list will also change depending on what happens in the future.  

For a lot of the categories I chose to do fanart because creating fanart is one thing that motivates me to make art.  Though not all my categories have just fanart.  I also want to expand my creative original ideas, and I believe they’ll improve the best in the story telling category.

The storytelling category is definitely one of those categories that will take me years to finish, so I want to talk about that a little bit first.

The first story listed “Where in the World is Eddie Ah Chu?” is actually a story that my grandmother created for the students at the annual Chinese Culture Camp I’m a part of every year.  She initially created it to educate the students in the different major areas of China, and eventually she added in a story to keep things interesting. She approached me with the idea of turning it into a children’s book or a short comic, so I’m going with it!  It’ll be a great opportunity for me to expand my skills in creating backgrounds and drawing humans.  Will it be difficult?  Most definitely.  But I’m looking forward to doing the research necessary and working to complete it with my grandmother.  And I’m not sure how much time I’ll have left to be with my grandmother, so better to start it now before it’s too late.

The next story listed “Xiao Teng: The Friendly Dragon” will be either a series of children’s books or short comics, and the story will evolve around the mascots I created for the Chinese Culture Camp (with the main character being my dragon character Xiao Teng).  I haven’t planned the story yet, but I will eventually.

Now the next story is definitely going to be a comic “Danny Phantom vs. Sonic.exe”, and I’m debating whether or not to make it focused around the idea I drew a while ago:…  I liked the idea of Danny Phantom fighting ghosts/demons/etc. from other dimensions/universes, so I figured he could fight against Sonic.exe.  The initial idea would be that Sonic gets possessed by some evil entity, and his friends are forced to fight him.  No matter what his friends do Sonic still remains possessed (chaos energy could possibly give the entity more power?).  In the end his friends have to seek outside help in order to cure Sonic.  That’s my idea so far, but it may change (or I may choose to write about something else, I dunno).

The 4th story will most likely be me officially starting the “SatBK: Chaotix” story.  I’ve learned in the past that unless I have a concrete story, I won’t have a good comic.  So before I start making the actual comic, I shall create the story first.  Hopefully by the time this comic comes around I will have improved my skills immensely.  

And last but not least, my own original series staring my character Tracer.  I’ve always wanted to start a cartoon/comic with my own characters and life inspirations, and my TRACER series will be just that.  Chances are I’ll work on this comic at the same time as the SatBK: Chaotix story, so if I run out of ideas on one I can take a break from it by working on the other one.  

That’s about it for now.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this (and it’s not even a journal :XD:)!  :la:
One word story, add a word to continue the story. GO!

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  • Watching: Steven Universe :3
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: lomi salmon
  • Drinking: bubble tea
*EDITED Oct. 26*

I've just been informed that the art thieving website is nothing more than a troll.  It's real only purpose is to steal personal information from unsuspecting artists/people by infecting their computers with viruses and malware.  
Don't go to the thieving website at all!  If you've already visited it, clean your computer immediately!  I admit I have been fooled into visiting this website, so I shall clean my computer too.  I'm sorry for giving you misinformation.

The petition itself is still important since it still needs support to take the website down.  Please still sign the petition and share it with others.  The petition link itself is still in this journal.

Most of this journal is still relevant, just ignore the parts where I talk about going to the website itself.  


Some of you may have noticed my latest status update which said: “I have something urgent I need to tell you all. I don't have time to type a journal about it right now, but I will do it today. Just know it has to do with art theft.”
Now I do have the time to type a journal about it, so be prepared for this journal to be somewhat lengthy (like most of my recent journals  <_< ).  I will be posting this information here, on my FB page, and on my Steam page as well.  

In a previous deviantart journal I discussed the issue of art theft (here>… ).  Thanks to the advice of my uncle :iconmedek1: I have been able to manage art theft.  However, a friend of mine :iconrusticzero: recently brought a website called to my attention that has been stealing peoples pictures/photos/artwork and trying to sell them as prints/posters.  Without previous knowledge of the website, I searched my username in the search engine and have found many pictures of mine on there (even the images with my watermark on them!).  What really shocked me was that a lot of my recent pictures are on there such as my recent TF2 fanart.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my newest deviation appears there soon.  

As soon as I found out about this I was so angry.  Before I did anything too irrational, I researched more information about this website.  As it turns out, this website has not only stolen artwork but also photographs from independent artists as well as personal photos from Facebook and other places.  According to the article I have read (… ) Wallpart may have the stolen images on there, but its sole purpose is to lure people into clicking the links.  

I will leave a link to the petition to take it down, though I will not leave the link to the actual sight.  If you do want to see if your images are on there or not please be very careful!  Don’t click on any of the links besides the search engine.  I’m even a little leery of just clicking the search engine button, so be careful if you do go on the website.  I think if you use the Google search engine instead it should suffice.  According to the article I found, the website intentionally takes images from Google images.  So using Google images will give you a rough idea of what is on Wallpart.  

As for myself, the things I did search on the website include my own images and images from :iconcci545: , :iconjemidove: , and :icongigi-d: <(if you guys happen to read this journal please sign the petition I’m linking!).  I stopped there so I wouldn’t run the risk of getting malware on my computer.  

    -    The petition to take this website down>…

I think the best thing me and all of you can do at this point is sign the petition.  The more people know about this the better.  And the more supporters the petition gets, the better the chances are that something can be done about taking down this website.  There’s no guarantee that the website will ever be taken down, but at least some action can be done about it.  

What will this mean for the future of my artwork?  Art theft is something I’ll have to deal with if I intend to be an artist.  Some people have suggested that I should stop putting my artwork on the internet.  That would stop the art thieves, however I wouldn’t have the same opportunities I have here now.  Ever since I’ve uploaded artwork here I’ve gotten a TON of support from all of you, I’ve made really good friends here, I’m able to support a lot of my friends and inspiring artists here, and I’ve become a better artist and a better person because of my experiences here.  I don’t ever want to lose that connection I have with everyone here.  So, no!  I will never stop uploading artwork!  Art thieves are a problem yes.  Uploading artwork means I’ll have to deal with both good and bad things, but I’m prepared to face them both.
This means I’ll have to be a little more careful when I upload my original ideas/artwork.  Anything that I intend to print or create into a story (my TRACER series, Chinese Culture Camp things) I probably won’t upload until I actually get it published.  Though I will continue to upload fanart and random little doodles.  Any artwork of mine that has other copyrighted stuff in it should be alright to upload.  After all, if an art thief decides to sell/steal my fanart, not only will they be stealing from me but they will be stealing from those companies.  
… so that means Wallpart is stealing from SEGA, Valve, and Disney!  Three huge companies!  There’s no way Wallpart can get away with this.  

So sign this petition, help spread the word!  Let’s get this website shut down!  

And thank you to everyone who took the time to read this!  I really need to make my journals shorter… :faint:


coming soon!
Don't commission anything yet!  I should have details finalized for commissioning very soon


Life is busy . . . BLEURGH!
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Welcome to my page. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And if you’re a new watcher, welcome aboard! :la:

I’m an aspiring artist who’s trying to make a name for herself in the world of art. I specialize in creating comics, action in comics, concept sketches, special effects in Photoshop, sculptures, costuming, and much more. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m still improving my skills as an artist.

I’m also Christian and proud of it! Don’t let that discourage you though, I’m a friend to everyone and I don’t judge others for what they believe in. :hug:

If you ever need a friend or someone to talk to I’m here for ya!

Feel free to look through my gallery and give me pointers on how to improve my skills. :meow:

IMPORTANT> If you intend to use my artwork for personal projects, websites, etc., then please contact me about which picture you want to use, what you want to use it for, and so I can approve of it or not. It's best to contact me via. note here on DA or through my email:

There’s a lot of projects I’m participating in.

Currently I’m collaborating with:
Sonic Revolution to advertise for the group
Sonic Redesigned to make a fangame
Saphfire321 to turn her fancomic into a comic drama
AMTdootlas to create comic pages for his Sonic Universe series

My own independent projects include:
SatBK: Chaotix (fancomic)
Medic's medigun and pack (for 3D portfolio and conventions)

Future projects I want to start:
Tutorials for comics, costuming, etc.?
TRACER original series
Xiao Teng: The Friendly Dragon

As you can see I have a lot on my plate. So I’m pretty busy most of the time. However, I still try to stay connected to everyone here, and even if I don’t respond to comments right away I always read them. :)
Updates may be slow, but I’m always working on artwork to upload into my gallery. :D

my Youtube channel (which doesn't have much on it) >…

Background character submissions for SatBK: Chaotix are currently closed for now. I have all the characters I need for the background to get the comic rolling. However, those who have already submitted characters before this announcement will still have their characters drawn, and character submissions will most likely happen again.
Here's the deviation for the character cameos themselves>…

I do have a livestream chanel, but I barely use it . . . >…

A collection of la icons for your amusement:
:la: :iconlaplz: :iconlawooplz: :iconlascrollplz: :iconlahopplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconsoniclaplz: :iconshadowlaplz: :iconsilverlaplz: :iconknuckleslaplz: :iconexplodelaplz: :iconhiddenlaplz: :iconlaexplodeplz: :iconexcitedlaplz: :iconsparklylaplz: :iconomilaplz: :iconaanglaplz: :icondancinglaplz: :iconsparklyla-plz: :iconla-plz: :icon3dlaplz: :iconlaloadingplz1: :iconlarollplz: :iconunlaplz: :iconmariolaplz: :iconluigilaplz:


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To let you continue, do you mind putting my fan character Red the Mink (see this link:… ) in one?
Xaolin26 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Student General Artist
I'm sorry, but the series is discontinued. ._.
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