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Heart Petal Bouquet (Valentines Day mural 2016) by Xaolin26
Heart Petal Bouquet (Valentines Day mural 2016)

Today’s upload was postponed until now because it’s a bit different from what I usually upload.  

I was commissioned recently by the owner of The Wright Touch to paint a Valentines themed design on the windows of the shop.  My idea for the design was to make a flower bouquet with hearts flowing out like rose petals.  I also tried to keep with Valentine colors such as red, pink, white, and purple.  It took a total of about 6 hours to paint the design on all the windows.  

And, I know it’s a bit early for a Valentines Day post (I probably could’ve saved it for next week), but I was eager to show this to everyone right away.  :meow:  

Sooooo, Happy (early) Valentines Day folks!  Or in my case, happy single’s awareness day!  :XD:

….altough, I gotta admit, I’m not much of a romance person.  So I’d like to think of Valentines Day as a day we celebrate all forms of love (and not just the romance kind).  There’s love for family, love for friends, and (if you have pets) love for pets (and love for deviant art watchers :la: ).  Love comes in all forms.  :)



*commissioned by The Wright Touch*

artwork & design @ me!

Fran Bow sketch by Xaolin26
Fran Bow sketch

Sorry for this upload being a little later today.  I’ve gotten a new laptop recently, so I’ve been slowly moving all my stuff from my old computer to my new one.  This includes installing Photoshop, which I haven’t quite haven’t had the chance to do that yet.  I edit all my longer pictures and compile sketches together using Photoshop, so it might be a few weeks before I can submit a larger deviation.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  <_<

Aaaaanyway, I’ve been trying my hand at drawing more characters outside of my usual comfort zone (drawing Sonic characters, etc.), so I decided to draw Fran Bow.  I decided drawing her in a style that meshes the original style in the game with my own style.  It still looks a little off to me, but practice makes perfect!  :D

Now Fran Bow is an indie game created by Killmonday Games.  This game is a point and click style game with a very unique art style and beautiful soundtrack.  It’d take me a long time to explain the story in detail, but there’s more info about the game on the Fran Bow official websiteIf>

In the game, Fran is able to travel to different dimensions.  The dimensions that Fran visits almost reminds me of the worlds from Undertale and OFF.  So, I may be tempted to draw more crossover pictures featuring characters from all three games.  :meow:


Fran Bow @ Killmonday Games

artwork @ me!

Afterwards by Xaolin26
Welp, just like with all my random drawings, I couldn't resist drawing this.  :XD:


Charmy the Bee as the Soldier>…
Saffron the Bee as the Medic>…


Sonic the Hedgehog @ SEGA
Team Fortress 2 @ Valve
artwork @ me!
ooops by Xaolin26
Y'know how I said I wanted to upload something my the 19th of this month? Well, I originally thought the 19th was this upcoming Saturday. But, it was actually yesterday. whoopsies <_<
I really need to get a new calendar...

Sooooo, expect a REAL upload this Saturday.
Just something I was thinking about.

Once I open up commissions, if I included prop making as one of the choices, would people actually commission props from me?  I feel like my skills have increased enough that I can make almost any prop.


coming soon!
Don't commission anything yet!  I should have details finalized for commissioning very soon


Life is busy . . . BLEURGH!
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Welcome to my page. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And if you’re a new watcher, welcome aboard! :la:

I’m an aspiring artist who’s trying to make a name for herself in the world of art. I specialize in creating comics, action in comics, concept sketches, special effects in Photoshop, sculptures, costuming, and much more. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m still improving my skills as an artist.

I’m also Christian and proud of it! Don’t let that discourage you though, I’m a friend to everyone and I don’t judge others for what they believe in. :hug:

If you ever need a friend or someone to talk to I’m here for ya!

Feel free to look through my gallery and give me pointers on how to improve my skills. :meow:

IMPORTANT> If you intend to use my artwork for personal projects, websites, etc., then please contact me about which picture you want to use, what you want to use it for, and so I can approve of it or not. It's best to contact me via. note here on DA or through my email:

I'm slowly learning how to prioritize which projects I can work on. I've realized my limitations as an artist, and how I can better spend my time so projects I start (or collab on) can get done in a decent time.

As of right now, I'm currently collaborating with:
Sonic Revolution to advertise for the group
Sonic Redesigned to make a fangame

My own independent projects include:
SatBK: Chaotic (w.i.p fancomic)
Short stories (to test my skills)

Future projects I want to start:
Tutorials for comics, costuming, etc.?
TRACER original series
Xiao Teng: The Friendly Dragon

As you can see I have a lot on my plate. So I’m pretty busy most of the time. However, I still try to stay connected to everyone here, and even if I don’t respond to comments right away I always read them. :)
Updates may be slow, but I’m always working on artwork to upload into my gallery. :D

my Youtube channel (which doesn't have much on it) >…

Background character submissions for SatBK: Chaotix are currently closed for now. I have all the characters I need for the background to get the comic rolling. However, those who have already submitted characters before this announcement will still have their characters drawn, and character submissions will most likely happen again.
Here's the deviation for the character cameos themselves>…

I do have a livestream chanel, but I barely use it . . . >…

A collection of la icons for your amusement:
:la: :iconlaplz: :iconlawooplz: :iconlascrollplz: :iconlahopplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconsoniclaplz: :iconshadowlaplz: :iconsilverlaplz: :iconknuckleslaplz: :iconexplodelaplz: :iconhiddenlaplz: :iconlaexplodeplz: :iconexcitedlaplz: :iconsparklylaplz: :iconomilaplz: :iconaanglaplz: :icondancinglaplz: :iconsparklyla-plz: :iconla-plz: :icon3dlaplz: :iconlaloadingplz1: :iconlarollplz: :iconunlaplz: :iconmariolaplz: :iconluigilaplz:


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About the Tron suit series that ended up unfinished...

To let you continue, do you mind putting my fan character Red the Mink (see this link:… ) in one?
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I'm sorry, but the series is discontinued. ._.
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